About Me

About Me

About me 


I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and abide by their code of ethics. Underlying my training and work is a commitment to diversity and inclusion and I encourage an environment where my clients can be themselves. I have many years experience counselling and helping people make long lasting positive changes benefitting themselves and their loved ones.

I spent considerable time in arts education teaching in further and higher education working with young people and mature students. I am able to help people in many creative fields find their purpose and motivation to enrich and expand their practice.

How I work 

My approach is integrative which means I can work with many different approaches and techniques to find the best way that suits you. Each client will have a unique story which requires attention and acceptance.

I think underneath the search for relief from some problems lies a profound unspoken longing to feel understood. Together we can explore your problems that are making life difficult. This will help you understand your present and your past, feel less lonely and more accepting of who you are which can lead to a more fulfilled and emotionally authentic life.

Sometimes people have rarely had the opportunity to talk about themselves in a safe, warm and empathic environment where the client is encouraged to talk without feeling judged. There maybe something from your past or something more recent that’s not been dealt with and is causing problems like stress, depression or anxiety. Therapy is about being able to talk about difficult feelings which may be uncomfortable and often feel unacceptable. Allowing all your experiences and feelings to emerge can lead to increasing understanding and compassion for yourself and others and to integrate unacknowledged aspects of yourself and to feel more whole and real.

The ‘relationship’ or working alliance is a lived emotional experience and can help to see how patterns of social interaction and contact may lead to insights about how you relate to others and yourself. I want to help you identify and articulate your feelings-putting words to things you haven’t before. It’s not about feeling good about one another all the time; there might be ‘sticky moments’. Can you get mad, frustrated, hurt, attracted and not run away but be able to come back and speak about it. Can you experience discomfort, tolerate it and still talk?

I ask the question ‘how can I be with you in this relationship so that you can be with yourself in ways that give you more security and well-being?’

Clients work with me on a medium or long term basis. Please feel free to contact me and I will get straight back to you.